EZELLE is an affordable luxury brand creating unique fashion pieces and lifestyle accessories designed to add beauty to each aspect of your life.


The story of EZELLE starts in 2012 when founder, Hannah Fellerman, graduated from university having made two commitments to herself for her future; to create beautiful and elaborate print designs and to be a champion for social change.


EZELLE nurtures both these passions for Hannah, her team and each person who buys one of our unique products.


Our name combines the Turkish word “Ezeli” which translates as “eternal”, representing our commitment to sustainable production creating pieces that are loved for a lifetime, and the English “Ezell” which is a name given to both girls and boys and holds the meaning “noble acts of kindness”, representing inclusivity and compassion as our core values.


Tangible Wishes Cushion Cover
Moon Flower Cushion Cover

Giving Back.


We are excited for our future at EZELLE and the impact we can make on our community and the environment.


As of today, we have reached our goal for 100% eco friendly production since our launch in December 2018.


One of our aims was also to put together regular events and workshops to help nurture creativity within our local community. Due to the unforseen pandemic which hit us all hard for two years, we haven't quite managed that. However, despite these challenges we are delighted to reveal that our founder Hannah helped to start up Tenaciously Gracious, an ethical London based clothing brand designed to inspire young people to be all that they can be and make a positive contribution to society.


Today we give 10% of our profits to Unicef UK, who are the UK comomitte who raise funds for Unicef's work for children globally. 


Charities we donate to will rotate periodically. If you are a charity and would like to work with us, please get in touch at info@ezelle.co.


We are also committed to working with manufacturers who share our core values. For our debut Fashion collection, we worked with Tex India who are dedicated to fair working conditions, supporting local women with work, and regularly donating their proceeds to charity.


For our Home Décor range, we work with Contrado; a London based printed textiles company who have an expanding platform, known for their huge support to small creative businesses and individuals, and their high quality products. Each item has been carefully hand made, so you can rest assured your product has been made with love and care. Not only this, but Contrado only work with suppliers who use eco friendly and ethically sourced materials.


For our current Accessories collection (notebooks), we are honoured and excited to be working with the UK's first 100% eco printing company! A Local Printer is a fully certified eco print company based in Sussex, England who maintain their eco values in every part of their production process, whilst not compromising on quality.


For more information on any of our manufacturers, or if you are a manufacturer yourself and would like to work with us, please do not hesitate to email us at info@ezelle.co


We also never use plastic in our packaging and with each of our recycable packages, a tree is planted.


Building a community is a huge part of what we are striving to build at EZELLE. We believe one of the many ways to do this effectively is to be completely open about how we invest the money we make from sales of our products. The below diagram is an accurate breakdown of this.  

Brand Transparency

Join our Community.


If you would like to become part of our community, get involved in the upcoming events we are curating or just hear about how we are working towards making a difference sign up to our newsletter below where we will send regular updates about our products and work.


If you would like to link with us and others who share the same core values join our Facebook Group where you can be part of a wider discussion on how we can all contribute to positive social change.

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