Life and Business update!

December 9th, 2023

Article by Hannah Fellerman



Hi all,


Welcome back to our blog.


I am starting off by sharing a brief personal life and business update with you all, and hopefully will resume usual blog posts with updates about Ezelle as well as social and current affairs topics within the coming months ahead.


We hope you have had a great 2023 and are looking forward to the new year of 2024.


Take care and enjoy the below short read,


- Hannah 

A short update from the owner of Ezelle 


Dear Ezelle Family,


As mentioned a few months ago in this post on Instagram, since May 2022 (for the past 19 months) I have been focusing on motherhood primarily, and only finding small pockets of time to work on other endeavours, including Ezelle.


In terms of products, we are currently not in a position to create anything new; however we do have an exciting social enterprise project (our first one as a business) we have recently been working on with my friend and fellow small business owner Monika, who owns BeelikeaBee (@beelikeabeeuk). You will be hearing more about this very soon!


I hope to also resume normal blogging and continue our series entitled 'Celebraring Cultural Differences in Print and Textile Design' which I very much enjoyed writing, as I was learning many astounding facts along the way. It was a mammoth task which I undertook; at the time not realising how long it would actually take to complete. When I was expecting to become a mother, I was not able to continue focusing on it. However, I very much want to finish this project and no matter how long it takes, I will get there in the end!


Moving on, despite the past few months of developing humanitarian crises around the world, most notably what is happening in Palestine; I have personally noticed a shift in our sense of community and togetherness. This can only pave the way for more positive social change. This has also inspired the project myself and Monika have started working on, alongside other small business owners. I hope that this project also inspires others to create more positive impacts to society. 


On top of our usual policy to donate 10% of profits to charity, we have also recently pledged to donate a further 40% of our profits from all sales to the emergency Gaza campaign by Islamic Relief. This will be an ongoing policy until there is a cessation of all hostilities in the region. 


To support me as a small business owner to be able to achieve all the goals set out for Ezelle, please be sure to take advantage of our current clothing sale, the last day of which will be tomorrow, 10th December.

Please stay tuned for more news coming soon!




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