What is Colour Analysis?

5th February 2020.

Article by Hannah Fellerman

featuring Whitney Kondolo.



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What is Colour Analysis?


This month's article will discuss the trusty method of colour analysis and how this can be used to enhance your experience with clothing.


Whitney Kondolo, a colour analysis specialist and fashion stylist tells us the basic principles of dressing for your personal colour category.


A lot of people don’t know this but wearing certain colours can either make you glow or make you look washed out.


Colour analysis helps us understand what colours are right for us. There are four categories in colour analysis and that’s Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn; we all fall into one or the other. Summer and Winter are less saturated colours. These are the people that look wonderful in white, black and pastel colours. However the two are still slightly different; summer people look good in pastel colours and winter people look good in deeper cool colours that are still less saturated like wine red and deep green, so pretty much what we call 'Christmas colours'. White and silver jewellery look amazing on these people.”

Spring and Autumn are on the warm side and that’s more saturated colours; bold bright colours and deeper bold bright colours. Spring is clear and bright and Autumn is enriched, natural, warm and light. Cream and gold really compliment these people.


Once you know which category you fall under, it will help you pick out your colours accordingly. Colours have such an impact on our lives that we sometimes don’t even notice. Sometimes the colours we wear can impact on our mood or how they make other people feel when they come into contact with us.”


As Whitney has pointed out, colour has more impact than we can sometimes believe.


When speaking of wearing the right colours for your personal colouring, this is specifically colours we should be wearing without the use of make-up, hair dye, tans and accessories such as contact lenses and head-wear. All of these different items can allow us to wear colours from other colour analysis categories (still with careful consideration – even these should somewhat compliment our natural colouring) which otherwise would not suit us. However, on a day to day basis, it is MUCH better to wear colours which make our natural skin tone “glow” and complement our features so we can effortlessly get ready for the day, hence saving time and energy. Of course, if you have a special event or are in the mood to dress up more you can use the above mentioned tools as little tricks to wear something usually not so flattering for your personal colouring.

How do we know which colour category we fall into?


There are actually 3 sub-categories of each colour type (Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring), making 12 categories in total. This makes the system work for everyone, no matter what variation of each category you fall into! These are explained in detail in an easy to understand way by Audrey Coyne, a fashion and style blogger. View Audrey's explanation here:

 From this video you can hopefully find which of the 12 categories you fall into so the next time you shop for a piece of clothing, you will definitely make the right choice.


The 12 categories are:



Cool Winter

Clear Winter

Deep Winter



Cool Summer

Soft Summer

Light Summer



Warm Spring

Light Spring

Clear Spring



Soft Autumn

Warm Autumn

Deep Autumn

With the help of Whitney's expertise and online research, I have discovered that I am closest to a Clear Spring, and I have put it to the test and the recommended colours for this category really do compliment me the most!


You can follow Whitney on instagram via @whitneytakesonstyling where you can keep up to date with her hints and tips and latest fashion styling projects.

What did you know or not know about colour analysis?

Did you find out which category you fall into?


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